Advisors Our Advisors have been with us through our inception and various critical discussions to build Eagle10 Ventures

Ravi Reddy, Nitin and Prasanjeet have been instrumental in setting the right product focus, strategy and thought process for Eagle10 Ventures.

What began as a friends group investing in early stage venture of a friend, has transformed into a platform where we have over 100 industry veterans who are willing to guide and mentor startups to scale with their domain experince and skills and funds.

We are also fortunate to have Venu as part of our journey of building early stage investment platform.
Venu comes with hands on expertise in startup ecosystem as well as his sound understanding of Series A/B and beyond. He is the sounding board for Eagle10 Ventures team as well as the investors.
We also have all our Eagle10 Ventures AngelsInvestors who help and guide us in various aspects.


Venugopal Sathyanarayana
Mentor and Advisor
Venu is a industry veteran in early stage investment, having built the ecosystem from early times in India as well as built startups, he has hands on understanding on various aspects of angel investment and building early stage ventures.Previosly - Qualcomm Ventures, Orios Venture Partners, IAN, Serial Entrepreneur
Nitin Bhat
Angel Investor, Mentor and
Advisory Board Member
Principle Product Manager, Cloud and AI at Microsoft Conceptualizing and shipping a brand new line of business, ramping up the scale, concurrency, led product capabilities for computing including virtual machines, scale sets, API models, cloud infrastructure, host security, control plane analytics.
Prasanjeet Das
Angel Investor, Mentor and
Advisory Board Member
Posses around 17+ years of work experience in the industry, specifically in Embedded Software and Product Development (Home Networking, OTT, IOT- Smart Home,Digital Television domains)